Sell your mobile home fast - Get paid in 48 hours!

Why Choose RGN To Buy Your Mobile Home?

Selling your mobile home can be a time consuming process and can sometimes be very confusing. Some mobile home owners may be looking for a higher value than the local dealer is giving them for trading it in, you may be going through a very stressful event, such as a divorce or a financial emergency. Having to deal with the mobile home selling process at such a time is just one problem too many. When you choose RGN Services, Inc. to purchase your mobile home, you will avoid all the headaches! We are mobile home investors with a combined 60 years of experience with CASH to buy your mobile home in as little as 48 hours.

Even in the best of times, the process of selling a mobile home is often burdensome. Prepping the home for sale can entail a massive cleanup job and expensive repairs that eat into the expected profit. All mobile homes, no matter how well taken care of, will need some sprucing up before a sale. If the mobile home is within a park, there could even be conflicts with how you place for sale signage and whether or not the prospective buyer can actually move onto that lot. None of this is your problem when you use RGN Services, Inc. We inspect, make you and offer and wire you the CASH!

So how easy will selling your manufactured home to RGN Services, Inc. be? First contact us by filling out the form or by giving us a call at 214-794-0912. Rest assured that this is a no pressure situation. There will never be any need to feel like you are committing to anything. After talking with you, and you decide that selling your mobile home to us is for you, you can set a convenient time for us to view your home.